Friday, January 25, 2013

18 months!

I cannot believe these little twinsies are 18 months! And you know what that means, Nursery! They have the greatest teacher and they had a great first time this last Sunday. Besides Jaycee pooping her pants not one, but two times it was a huge success. I will really nervous about it because we just changed meeting times with the other ward so our church is 11-2. Which is right during nap time, but they came home and took a 3 hour nap which was great:) A few things about the girls at this age:
Their eyes are STILL changing color, I know they are going to be brown, but my goodness that is a long time for them to change.
They like to fight over toys, food, toothbrushes, you name it, hopefully we grow out of this quickly.
They LOVE to eat, yay for me! After to picky eaters this is wonderful.
They are still skinny little things despite eating all-the-time. They both weigh 21 pounds.
Their hair is nappy curly and getting long. It is also quickly turning brown.
They rule this house, no really they do. They are in charge if they are crying, or should I say screaming they always get what they want first. Cael and Bree just have to go with the flow.
They are both so playful they love to play peek-a-boo, or hide and seek, or get chased around the room. My bed is often the place to be jumping up and down and rolling on top of each other.
You rarely see these girls apart they love to be around each other. If I find them apart they are usually getting into trouble!
They are alike in so many ways sometimes it is hard to find the differences, but I'm sure they will come. After all there personalities are still forming so it will be interesting to watch and see how the change, or not:)
I have noticed just a few things. Taya is the tantrum queen! She throws the biggest fits and throws herself on the ground. She should be fun when she is older lol!
Jaycee on the other hand is a lot more laid back she will just sit and stare at Taya when she is screaming. Jaycee really doesn't through to many tantrums.
Of course they look so different to me now although I know other may have a hard time telling them apart.

 A little fun before church!
 Cael and Bree, such good older sibblings.
Love these girls!

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Chris and Jenna said...

I still remember taking the boys to nursery for the first time...quite possibly the best Sunday ever! Didn't realize how much 'work' church was until I didn't have them for those 2 hours.