Friday, January 25, 2013

18 months!

I cannot believe these little twinsies are 18 months! And you know what that means, Nursery! They have the greatest teacher and they had a great first time this last Sunday. Besides Jaycee pooping her pants not one, but two times it was a huge success. I will really nervous about it because we just changed meeting times with the other ward so our church is 11-2. Which is right during nap time, but they came home and took a 3 hour nap which was great:) A few things about the girls at this age:
Their eyes are STILL changing color, I know they are going to be brown, but my goodness that is a long time for them to change.
They like to fight over toys, food, toothbrushes, you name it, hopefully we grow out of this quickly.
They LOVE to eat, yay for me! After to picky eaters this is wonderful.
They are still skinny little things despite eating all-the-time. They both weigh 21 pounds.
Their hair is nappy curly and getting long. It is also quickly turning brown.
They rule this house, no really they do. They are in charge if they are crying, or should I say screaming they always get what they want first. Cael and Bree just have to go with the flow.
They are both so playful they love to play peek-a-boo, or hide and seek, or get chased around the room. My bed is often the place to be jumping up and down and rolling on top of each other.
You rarely see these girls apart they love to be around each other. If I find them apart they are usually getting into trouble!
They are alike in so many ways sometimes it is hard to find the differences, but I'm sure they will come. After all there personalities are still forming so it will be interesting to watch and see how the change, or not:)
I have noticed just a few things. Taya is the tantrum queen! She throws the biggest fits and throws herself on the ground. She should be fun when she is older lol!
Jaycee on the other hand is a lot more laid back she will just sit and stare at Taya when she is screaming. Jaycee really doesn't through to many tantrums.
Of course they look so different to me now although I know other may have a hard time telling them apart.

 A little fun before church!
 Cael and Bree, such good older sibblings.
Love these girls!

Monday, January 14, 2013

So long, Farewell!

My "little" brother left on a two year mission to Cochabamba, Bolivia for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints back in September.  I say little, but even though I'm 10 years his senior he is way taller than me! The Mission is Spanish speaking and from his letters it sounds like he is picking the language up quite well. Tyler really wanted to serve a foreign mission and he got his wish. What an adventure to serve other people and teach the gospel to people you know nothing about. I think it is extraordinary to be able to give up two years of your life to serve others. Especially at a crucial point in your life when most of your friends are off to college. I can't wait to someday serve a mission for the church! On a side note we got to "talk" to Tyler via Skype through facetime, and it was really nice to hear his voice and to know he is doing well. Gotta love technology.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

summer flashback

I love summertime! I miss summertime:( I was going through pictures and came across these.

My beautiful sister-in-law is always so nice to come and visit us each year. Our kids love each other, and Bree especially loves her older nieces. We always try to fit in as much fun stuff as possible while they are here. One thing that my little family had yet to do was go to Red Lodge! I know know we are so pathetic. I cannot believe we live so close to such a beautiful place and yet we hadn't even seen it yet. So we decided on having a picnic and afterwards a little hike. And when I say little I mean 15 minutes. With that many little kids I think 15 minutes is the max.:) I found several hikes and this was the shortest one, the map said 1 mile, but I think it was closer to 1/2 mile. The kids loved it none the less, and I cannot wait to go back. I also can't wait until my kids are old enough to do the longer hikes. I grew up hiking in the Utah mountains and I loved it. So I'm grateful to be close to so many beautiful places in Wyoming to take my kids to.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

50 Years!

I don't know what it is lately but it seems as though there have been a lot of divorces. I guess this shouldn't be a shock since the divorce rate has hovered around 50 percent for a long time, but it is always sad hear of such great couples breaking up. Coming from a split family this is something that I never want for my children. That being said marriage is not always peaches and cream. It is something that Devin and I have to work at, and I'm sure many other couples feel that way.
Devin's parents are a great example to us on sticking together! This summer, at the Dutson reunion,  they were able to celebrate their 50th wedding with every. single. one. of their children and grandchildren. How often does that happen!? They did not want a reception with a lot of people, just their family. Natalie's family put together a program to honor George and Sandra, and they did a great job. We had yummy Italian food ordered in so we didn't have to deal with the restaurant craziness. And lastly we had a little dance party. It was a great night and such a great way to honor their marriage.
 Part of the "performance".

 Dayden and Bree representing the age difference between Devin's parents, which is 9 years!
 The beloved kids table. Cael, Dayden, Kennedy, Dallin, Ethan, Olivia, Lauren, Elisabeth, Alex, Bailee, Bree, and Brooklyn.
 Dinner table number 1 Lauren, Lisa, Dad (George), Mom (Sandra), Lisa, Dave, Jasmine, Taya and I, Devin, and Paul.
 Dinner table number 2 Andrea, Dennis, Sammie, Hillary, Pete, Lauren, Avonlea and Griff.
 The original Dutson crew.
 In order of arrival. If you didn't already know Devin is the baby, that is of course if you couldn't tell that from the way he acts..haha!
 The whole famdamly.
 A picture with Sammie:)
This is the only picture I have of the dance party...I guess we were too busy having fun to take any pics.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Time

I'm heading to Utah tomorrow because the weekend has arrived for the marathon. I have trained, lost a toenail, ached, SWEATED, (that's a word right haha), gained 5 pounds!, gained teenage face acne, and yet I still have the hardest run yet left to do on Saturday. My heart has been racing this morning for some reason. I've been asked over and over if I'm nervous about the race, and up until now I have been cool as a cucumber. I hope it is just adrenaline building, because I'm going to need it. I did all the training I wanted to do and it went really well, tough, but really well. Wish me luck, and maybe say a little prayer for me!
This was my last long run, 22 miles. This was mile 15!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Day 5 and 6 da Beach:)

I cant believe it took us until the end of the week to get to the beach! But we spent two full days at the beach, which was plenty for me. The first beach we decided to visit was mission beach. It is right next to Seaworld, and it was extremely busy. The first day was not so good, the babies hated the beach. They cried the whole time unless you were holding them. I thought they would love it but it was quite windy so I ended up taking them for a very long walk on the boardwalk, and as soon as they were off the beach they were fine! Little stinkers. I hit up  a couple of shops and headed back and as soon as we were back on the beach they were crying again. They are so not my girls! They better get over this fear of the beach real quick haha.
The next day Devin did not want to go to the beach again, so he stayed back with his mom and they kept the girls. Only half of the family went along to Del Mar beach, because half of the crew was burnt from the day before:( This beach was supposed to be closer and it was as far as driving time, but we got there so late there was no parking! Even the paid parking lot was full. So we waiting for a spot at the paid parking lot and headed to finally start the day. We started setting everything up and about 10 minutes after we got there my nephew Ethan was stung by a jelly fish! It is actually quite rare to get stung by a jelly fish, so of course it had to happen to poor Ethan. Luckily we were right by the lifeguard station and they sprayed him with some sort of antiseptic, and he felt better pretty soon after that. The wind was much better at this beach and I was sorta wishing I had the babies, but I enjoyed spending quality time with the other two kiddos. This was the first time I had been in the Pacific, besides Hawaii, and not froze my butt off. I had fun jumping waves with the kids, building castles, and of course getting my tan on;) We finished the day off with a treat from Seven 11, gotta love Slurpee's!
Mission Beach
Jasmine and Taya
My cute nieces and Paul and Lisa.
Building sand castles
Del Mar Beach
Souvenir from the trip to the lifeguard:)
What Bree did most of the day.

Cousin fun
Andrea or auntrea as we like to call her, with her kiddos.
Gotta have the picture with you name drawn in sand.

Cael and Olivia. Olivia is Bree's twin, I guess she might belong to our family after all.
Cael loves being buried, weirdo.
One enjoyable day at the beach! Thanks to Dev and his mom.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 4 Seaworld!

So we decided to hit up Seaworld (with all four kids again). My went with some of the Dutson crew and then my family came down from LA to join up with us as well. My family bought the 3 day park hopper pass, which includes 3 days to Disneyland, and 1 day to Seaworld and Universal Studios. I think next time we want to do the California Parks trip will purchase those tickets, best bang for your buck. Anyway Seaworld was really fun and really crowded, like I said we will not be going in the summer again. First we hit up the Shamu show, and it was not as good as I remembered. The first time I went to Seaworld the Whales and trainers were in the water together doing all sorts of tricks. This time the whales were not in the water with the trainers and the show lasted about 10 minutes. I think there has been some incidents with whales and trainers so they must not get in the water with them anymore, which is probably smart! It was still really fun for the kids and Cael of course ran up with all the other kids to the splash zone and got soaked! Next we went to see the Dolphin show and I think the kids got to touch the dolphin, which they were thrilled about. We took a break to eat lunch because we got there a little late, they let you bring coolers in so you don't have to pay the outrageous park food prices. We then went and watched the Circue de la Mer show, it was my favorite part! It was a very entertaining little show and Devin really enjoyed it as well. They had this awesome trampoline set up in the middle of the water and they were doing all sorts of jumps and flips that were awesome. I'm hoping I can get Devin to go to Cirque du Soleil now, because I think they must do a lot of the same stuff. Anyway, we then walked around and looked at the Aquariums to get out of the hot sun. And then some of the crew went to the dolphin show. The babies were just about done by this point, but they did so could and lasted longer than I thought they would. We didn't do any of the rides, they now have 5 or 6, but we still had a lot of fun. We will definitely go back!
Shamu Stadium
Waiting for the show and melting to death!

Elder Phillips and Jaycee! We are going to miss uncle Tyler:(
Guess who was sitting in the "Splash Zone"!
Why are you taking my picture Devin? This was a cool part of the show; they had a person in one of those huge balls roll down from the top of it!
Circue de la Mer Show

This thing was huge! It looked like a giant hamster. It also kind of resembles that scary creature on the Princess Bride, weird.